At Christiana Cosmetic Surgery Consultants, we give you the personalized attention you deserve. With three board-certified physicians in the practice, there is always a doctor available when you need one.

Dr. Katheryn Warren, Dr. Jonathan Saunders, and Dr. Julia MacRae


  • What’s New

    Ear Deformities in newborns: Dr. MacRae is using a revolutionary new technique to correct ear deformities (folded ears, prominent "Dumbo" ears, etc.) in just 4-6 weeks (without surgery) in newborn babies. Check out Earwells.com for more information.

    Our surgeons perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures (such as breast reduction or cancer reconstruction). We accept most insurance plans.

    :  Botox special only $11/unit! Lose your angry lines and crows feet in just 3 days! Also available, the "liquid facelift" - turn back the clock with fillers in one office appointment!